Brazilian Blowout or Brazilian Keratin Treatment in Seattle WA

Brazilian Keratin Treatment, or Brazilian Blowout is has become one of the most popular ways to eliminate curly or frizzy hair and create a beautiful head of silky straight hair. The reason for the curly hair is not important. It could be natural or from a permanent. We have found that some people Seattle seek Brazilian Blowout treatment after Japanese straightening and it is even possible to receive a Brazilian Blowout treatment with extensions. The folks at the Brazilian Blowout company web site as well is Seattle Brazilian Blowout Specialists McLaughlin Hair Design have found the treatment to work well under a variety of conditions and with great results. The result of the treatment, Julee at Seattle based McLaughlin Hair Design tells me, is the hair is perfectly straight and even healthier than it was prior to the treatment. It seems strange that a treatment, which creates such a dramatic change in the hair, can actually make it healthier in the process. But, it is true with the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. One of the McLaughlin clients in Seattle that recently had the Brazilian Blowout would spend a long time each day on the hair straightening process. She told me that several hours have been added back in to her week as a result of getting the Blowout. Obviously she is very pleased. Other reviews and testimonials include friends who have used the Brazilian Blowout or Keratin Treatment. In one case I was talking to a friend who usually has very frizzy hair. I had not seen in her in some time, but her hair was just slightly wavy. She doesn’t live in Seattle so she hasn’t been to Julee at McLaughlin Hair Design, but her story is like many others. I asked what hair straightening procedure she used and was surprised by the answer. She had a Brazilian Blowout treatment that was six months old. One of the side affects, is her hair is actually healthier now than before the Brazilian Blowout treatment. Part of the reason is because she no longer needs to use any hot tools to create to do the straightening. The other reason is because the process actually has fortifying and conditioning elements that are long lasting. Another friend told of her stylist in Seattle that refused to do the old-fashioned hair permanents, but is very happy when someone wants to do the Brazilian Blowout. This hair stylist tries to educate her hair-straightening clients not only on the ability of the process to make the hair perfectly straight but also provides the added strengthening attributes as well as making hair more shinny. Who wouldn’t want that? The conclusion I had after talking to each of these people in Seattle and other areas was that Brazilian Blowout or Keratin Treatment is not just a great alternative to the other style of hair straightening, but it is really become the standard. It is extremely effective for all types of hair, is not only safe but also leaves hair in better condition, lasts a long time and is therefore very economical. For people in Seattle, or anywhere else for that matter, the clear choice in my mind for hair straightening is Brazilian Blowout.

All You Need to Know About Hair Extensions And More

Did you know that the history of clip in hair extensions goes all the way back to the time of the ancient Egyptians? For hundreds of years, only people who were wealthy could afford to purchase these elegant hair pieces. But today, the game has changed altogether. Clip in hair extensions (human or synthetic), micro links, and other types of hair accessories have all become affordable enough so that they are accessible to women across different backgrounds and walks of life. Now anybody can enjoy them!

Hair extensions can be used for many reasons. These include providing a solution for women suffering from alopecia or slow-growing hair, having an alternate look available for women who are always on the go, or wanting to experiment with a new hairstyle without having to make an actual change to your real hair. When it comes to clip in hair extensions, one can choose from either synthetic ones or those that are made of human hair.

Human hair extensions are often the preferred choice for many women as they are extremely long-lasting and can endure heat and processing to achieve a variety of colours and textures. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about synthetic extensions. Synthetic hair extensions tangle and mat easily and cannot withstand heat application or colour alteration. On the other hand, extensions that are made of human air can last for years provided that they are given proper care and maintenance. However, because of the said reasons, hair extensions that are made of human hair are slightly more expensive than synthetic ones.

Clip in hair extensions come in a wide range of colours and textures. When making a purchase, you need to consider these carefully if you want your extensions to look as natural as possible. In other words, people should not be able to distinguish the extensions from your natural hair, unless of course that is your goal. These days, with the sheer number of clip in hair extensions and micro links available, you should be able to find the colour and texture that is just right for you.

When it comes to application, extensions can be applied in several ways. The first is the bonding method. This method uses glue on the wefts of the extensions. These are then attached to small sections in the natural hair. The second method is the sew-in method. Here, a hair-weaving needle and thread are used to sew the wefts of the extensions into braids that are formed using the natural hair. Lastly, fusionthe most expensive method among the three, utilises a special wax and applies the hair extensions to the roots of the natural hair.

Hair extensions are a very popular accessory among many women of different ages and lifestyles because of their ease of usability. They can be removed and worn back on anytime. Extensions also allow you to experiment with different hairstyles without running the risk of ruining your current haircut. Whether you are looking to attend a formal function or simply want to experiment with a different look for a night out with the girls, clip in hair extensions are exactly what you are looking for. What are you waiting for? Order yours today!

How To Choose An Appealing Hairstyle

An appealing and trendy hairstyle is essential to build up your image and attractiveness. It is critical to understand the annotation of different appealing hairstyles before you could choose the one which is suitable for yourself in different occasions. This article introduces the latest appealing hair styles which could assist you to choose the most suitable hair style to project your own unique attributes.

1. Long and Curve Hairstyle The hair at two sides and the back should cut level and perm the long hair into slightly curve. The fringe at front could be either curved or left straight. The major characteristics of the long and curve hairstyle are natural and very easy to take care. The long and curve hairstyle could be further developed into the following sub-styles,

a. Layer at two side The hair at two sides should be cut into layer and set backward with little fringe at front. The major characteristic of this hairstyle is to amplify a rich and fullness appearance of hair.

b. Mature big curve Perm the hair with large rollers and set all the hair backward with no fringe at front. Apply some mousses after the hairstyle is set.

c. Side parting Side parting the long curve hair and the fringe at one side will make the forehead appear broader. It is especially suitable for those with narrow high forehead.

d. Elegant set Comb the front hair backward and bind with elegant adornments. The ear and the whole facial line will be exposed. This hairstyle is especially suitable for those with distinctive and appealing facial features and contour.

2. Fashioned Short Hairstyles The hair at two side should be cut into layer and cover the ears but the hair at the front part should not be cut too short. It gives you more rooms for modification into different styles. The major characteristics of the fashioned short hairstyles are to emphasis the distinctive and appealing facial line and facial features. The fashioned short hairstyles could be further modified into the following sub-styles,

a. Solid form The hair is cut to the same baseline with no graduation. It gives a chunky effect to give the hair a rich and fullness impression.

b. All front The hair starting from the front part should be cut into layers. The hair at two sides and the fringe should be set forward which gives an energetic look and appearance.

c. Short curve hair Perm the hair at front part with large rollers and the other parts with smaller rods. The fringe should be cut short to give a very fresh and feminine appearance.

d. Uniform layering Perm the hair with rods and cut short. The inner hair is cut at the same level as the outer hair length. The hair at two sides should be cut to half of the ear and with some fringe at front.

e. Wedge cut Perm the hair with rollers and the inner hair length should be longer than the outer hair length. An imbalance triangular shape could be set at two sides to form the unique wedge cut.

Tree Braid- maintenance tips

The craze of tree braid hairstyles have been increased a lot since a long time among the African American people. People love to be looking gorgeous by keeping tree braid hairstyle. And it is right; the tree braid hair styles can make people good looking. When there is an occasion such as parties or any other social events, the tree braided women look beautiful then any other hair style women. The tree braid hair styles have the capability that can make any African American women beautiful.

With style and beauty, the maintenance of tree braids is also important. If you consider the maintenance and pay money for it, you can have beautiful hairs forever. If you can not go to saloon regularly and it is not affordable for you, then there are few tips for you that will help you to maintain your hairs manually. These tips are by experts of tree braid hair stylists. We will explore such tips in this article.

The cornrow braids are the foundation of any tree braids. You need to know about the cornrow before you get started with tree braid hairstyle maintenance. Firstly you need to wash up your hairs and then use a conditioner to get them conditioned. After this, apply a hair styling gel on it so that you can easily comb them. Now make three parts of your hairs and then apply clips on them to care them individually. Now divide middle of the middle part of your hairs into 3-strand braid and pass the next section from the opposite side adding it to the underneath. Repeat the same process for each section. Keep the same tension on hairs for each section. Make sure the tension do not cause hair breakage or pain to you.

These are the tricks that you should apply on clean hairs as well as hydrated hairs. If you want to mix up tree braids with cornrow hairstyle, then following tricks would be helpful for you. You have to add a small part of extension of hairs to the next cross sections underneath part. After that, make few more crossovers; then apply another piece of extension, etc. You can not guess weather there are extensions form looking from a distance as there are few crossovers between each extensions. If you take big sections then your hair style will be looking more attractive. If you want a natural look then you can try to apply sections to the underneath part of the crossovers.

You can never be looking so beautiful as you look in the tree braid hairstyles. If the tree braid hairstyles are done with proper care and by following tricks by experts, your hairs can never become ugly.

Braiding Cornrows- Step by Step Process

The cornrow is the most common hair style in the African American hair braids. The reason of the popularity of cornrows is the low maintenance and good look. Although the maintenance of the tree braids is low, it requires some points to consider. There are some cares that you should take when you are braiding cornrows. It requires experts touch when you want your hair to look gorgeous on you. You need to go in saloon for the cornrows. If you can not afford to go saloon often, then this article is for you. In this article, we will explore the method of braiding cornrows and some other maintenance tips regarding the cornrows braids. So read on for more information.

Planning for cornrows: The first step to the cornrow hairstyle is to plan for it. In this step you will design your hairstyle on a paper and decide the layout of the hair style. In order to get a successful cornrow braids, you need to follow this step according to your need of the hair style. Once you have planned and decided the layout of your hairstyle, it will be easy for you to follow the next process of the cornrow hairstyle. Parting your hairs: The next step is to make parts of your hairs according to the requirement of the hairstyle. If you are making a hairstyle which is complicated, then you need someone to do that for you. The main thing that is to consider during this step is the tension of the hairs. The tension should be equal on the each part of the hair. This is actually the most challenging work to do and it requires expatriation. Look for some person who has experience in braiding hairs and who can do it for you. Braiding the hairs: Next step is to braid your hairs. You need to take the hairs from the points from where you want your cornrow to start from. After that, braid them naturally. Take two stitches of hairs and then braid them according to the requirement. This step will make your braids to be almost done. Joining the middle strand: Now take the hairs from each section and tie them to the middle strand. This is the bunch of hairs where you pulled your hairs out words. And the one strand out of the outsided bunch of strands should go to underneath the newly thick ended strand. Braid the all strands: Now the last step has come. Now you have to pick up each strand and just braid them. After this step, your cornrow tree braid hair style would be over. After this step, you can show the world your new cornrow hair style.

It was never easy to braid the cornrow hairstyle manually. All you needed to follow the steps described in this article. Hope that you have got interesting information from this article and you will follow the steps given in this article.