Sisterlocks – Keeping it Natural Not Nappy Headed

Hairstyles come and go. Over the decades we have seen big hair, flat hair and moussed hair. Our hairstyles have been fried, dyed and slicked to the side. What does it take for an African American women to go completely natural? Contrary to popular belief, going natural does not mean going nappy.

Going natural for most means a lifestyle change and not simply a short-term hairdo. With the societal brainwashing of straight hair being best; even worse the negative stereotypes of kinky hair being “bad hair,” often times black women are raised not knowing how to properly care for their own natural hair. There are a number of natural hairstyles one can choose, from afros to cornrows, twists or dredlocs just to name a few, but Sisterlocks is the best at offering freedom and versatility. Sisterlocks use a special locking technique with natural hair. In appearance, they look similar to what could be called very neat micro-dreadlocks.

Listed below are 5 distinct characteristics normally found in women eager to go natural. Women willing to side step commonly accepted views of beauty as reported by U.S. media markets and sometimes even black society itself.

Characteristic 1 – TrailBlazer. She often blazes new pathways, loves to initiate and to do. This self-starter is frequently the one to get something off the ground.

Characteristic 2 – Honest. She tends to be direct and honest with people. If you really don’t want to know the answer, then don’t ask this audacious woman.

Characteristic 3 – Fearless. When the world is telling her, “You are too thick, too ugly, too dark, too outspoken and nappy-headed, she completely ignores them and continues forward. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. She defines her own beauty.

Characteristic 4 – Earthy Mother. She is usually juggling three or four balls in the air and not dropping a one. You will find her raising her children or someone elses’ kids; taking good care of her household; she is middle or upper management at the office; and of course there is a business or hobby on the side. Where does she find time for herself? Her hair is the least of her worries, she requires it to be healthy, neat, clean, and stylish.

Characteristic 5 – Decisive. She knows what she wants. Sisterlocks are a permanent hairstyle not a fad. They require nurturing, a skilled stylist and patience to get started. This woman is committed and in it for the long haul.

African American women are the luckiest when it comes to the availability of hairstyles, because of their unique hair type and texture there is a veritable buffet of choices. You can go to for more information on the history of sisterlocks or to find a stylist near you.

Rejoice in your uniqueness and beauty, You Go Girl!

Short hair cut The trend of this era

If you want to look confident and outgoing this summer then nothing can be better than short haircut. A cute short haircut has an assertive, confident glamorous and intelligent style statement. Many Hollywood and Bollywood stars are preferring this short hairdo these days. For instance Meg Ryans and Sharone Stones tousled short haircuts and Keira Knightlys gothic bangs style are very popular. And this proves that modern days women are liking short haircut with a variations. The variation is partly art and partly technical and it basically depends upon the hair stylist.

If you are brave enough to give up your gorgeous long looks and want to look yourself dramatically different from now, then be brave and do a hairdo that is short but not devoid of being feminine. Short hairstyle gives you a chic, elegant, sexy, sophisticated new look.

But you have to remember that too much difference and change is proportionate to too much maintenance to have your hair look good and beautiful. You can make difference by coloring up your hair or by straightening up your locks or introducing slight curls in it. But the bottom line is after care and maintenance if you want people running out of words as they praise your hairstyle. Choose the right color and style for your new short haircut. A short hair needs right styling and color or else it will not be looking good.

The short hair color looks very sexy and the outdated notion of not being so has long been crushed. And it is true that a short hairstyle reflects a lot of personality. The belief that short hair is devoid of feminine quality is no longer existent. A well-cut short hair emphasizes feminine quality especially if you get chunky layers and softness cut into the style. This looks gorgeous and gives up a great style statement.

Besides these, when you cut your hair short and have a proper styling in that manner, your hair looks thicker and glossier. Shorter hair looks much better and hotter than the dull, damaged ends of longer hair. It is a good choice for women with fine or thin hair. Women having thin hair would face a lot of problem managing their hair if they have long hair cut. But with a short haircut they can manage it more easily and can be much more confident about their hairstyle. They can easily hide their thin or fine hair if they have their hair cut in the proper way. No doubt that short hair is much easy to manage, you can just step into it and go.

It is known to all that wrinkles are more emphasized by the straight lines of long hair, but the softer shape of short hair makes them less obvious. And this is the reason why you look so younger in your short hairstyle. The short hairstyle that suits you and your lifestyle can dramatically change the way you feel and look. Not only that you look younger but also can boost your confidence along with saving a lot of time and money you spend on hair care.

Why Old School Fashion Repeating Itself

WHY OLD SCHOOL FASHION REPEATING ITSELF Old school fashion was designed to show off the beauty of human body. Also, the designs were sex induced oriented and fierce in nature. The youth of today find all these trademarks of the past interesting, challenging, loving and being ordinary in all its sense. Old school fashion constitutes fashion styles, clothing’s, creativity and trends of fashion designers dated back to 970s-1980’s. This is not only determined by clothes, it is also evidence in accessories, hairstyles and even in the attitude of today’s youth. Old school fashion is being brought back by fashion conscious young adult and teenagers of today. It is the repeated of popular fashion styles from the past which has succeeded in winning the heart of today’s teenagers, young, adult as well as fashion seekers and fashion designers. The combination of today’s technology with old school fashion makes it looks like a new areas of research if not nbew discoveries in the fashion industry since technology has made the production of comfortable fabrics possible, old school designs are better enhance to be pretty showy and casual this days. This trend follows an old saying that -the past is not dead the past is in the present-. Old school is not synonymous with fashion alone, a lot of activities associated with the 1970’s -1980’s also follow this trends, whether in the music industry, televison shows, movies industry, which have suddenly gain their heart or mind of today’s generations. The role the media played in the surgical operation of old school fashion revival need to be mention. The society where we find ourselves today love the shift of attention and as such the media offers such opportunities to old fashions. This afford the people or generations of today to reconnect with a past which was not as complicated and confused as the world today. A single moment of truth always have a long lasting impression, so as an old school fashion in gaining its way back into the society with an undeviable market share.

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How you can Go with a Hairstyle That’s Excellent Available for you and additional tips

Deciding upon an ideal hairstyle is just one of those things which elude most ladies. Occasionally, a beautiful cut is undermined by reality the woman donning it’s also hectic to type it correctly. Other situations, a lower is selected on account of how wonderful it looks on somebody else, but finally ends up seeking pathetic on the girl wishing to mimic the model because her hair type and texture could be the specific reverse necessary to don the design wonderfully.

But not all people is destined to encountering hairstyle catastrophe after disaster on their quest for your perfect slash, and neither will you be. All it requires is just a minor bit of preplanning and consideration to obtain an excellent hairstyle every and every time you head over to the salon. Below are merely a couple of issues that you should check with you when altering your fashion: best hair salon in nyc for curly hair So how exactly does the slice or design flatter my confront and entire body form? Almost certainly the variety one particular miscalculation that females make when picking a whole new design should be to opt for a method which is unflattering to their features. Such as: A swept again style would create a spherical facial area glimpse even rounder, but a style that softens up the facial capabilities using a small forward movements will make a spherical facial area surface additional well balanced and oval. Haircuts can also be tailor-made to attract the eye to your most spectacular characteristics and to detract it from these you’d fairly conceal.

The amount of effort and time will I’ve to place into styling each early morning? In today’s hectic-paced earth, who’s got time to melt away styling hair? Many of us require a style that is definitely simple to work with and needs tiny time primping facing the mirror. Even when you have a very style that requires extra perform, it truly is likely that you’re going to bypass a greater part of the treatment and routine maintenance required for it to glance its ideal on most times. And that could accumulate to your good deal of lousy hair days. Alternatively, pick out a style which is straightforward to work with and compliments your hair’s purely natural tendencies.

Will this type work with my hair’s form and texture or operate in opposition to it? In the event your hair is limp and straight, picking out a intensely layered model that requires a curling iron or very hot rollers each working day could get exhausting. Likewise, a smooth, flat model on exceptionally curly locks could consider a great deal of effort and hard work to help keep. So, try to pick a method which will work together with your texture. By performing this, you can use a style that appears to go into position magically with little or no fuss on your component.

Will this style accommodate my way of living? For those who really have to have on your hair up for the task or if you’re a tomboy who enjoys to toss on a ball cap, it is best to take into consideration this prior to deciding on a hairstyle. After all, who wants to be stuck with a type which they need to curl each and every and each working day when their inclination is to wear it inside a pony tail? Should you wear your hair up normally, ensure to pick a method which will nevertheless allow you to make this happen should the feeling or want strikes you.

Picking the right hairstyle does not have for being complicated. Simply take a little bit time to definitely imagine about what your needs and wishes are, and also you really should have the option to obtain the type you dream of effortlessly. As well as the most effective element is you won’t regret it after getting it.

Short is scorching. Certainly!

The small hairstyles are yet again invading the hairstyles from the time. The simple rationale is that a short trendy hairstyle is definitely manageable, looks sexy and is also in. Do not be scared to cut quick your long tresses.

You may have so many small hairstyles to adorn your self that you just will discover them definitely desirable and powerful when compared with your exact same previous fashioned straight extensive hair. You might be the 1 to choose the amount of is limited for yourself. You could slice your hair considera bly quick to show your ears. But, often opt for a short hair type in direction of a hair stylist. A hairstylist would be the professional who is familiar with correctly which sort of short hair design will fit your encounter. best hair salon in nyc for curly hair The hair stylists have many of the information about contemporary hair kinds. For a brief stylish hairstyle, you may stop by quite a few wonderful hair saloons. The hair saloons are equipped with the most up-to-date hairstyles about. Also you could consider the information from internet. You are able to search for the hairstyles from the amount of internet websites which provide you guidelines and guidance to secure a quick hair style.

The hottest hair model today could be the Natalie Portman type. The model barely leaves some hair on your own head. But it really seems to be cool and happening. It’s possible to see your scalp. Yet another sizzling favored could be the a single in which the hairs are considera bly cut small through the neck area. The upper portion of one’s head is left with some hair having a side parting. Your head appears like a mushroom.

Acquiring small fashionable hairstyles makes you seem hip and occurring. You’ll be able to adopt a short hair fashion very easily because they go along with every dress. You are able to dress in a formal or relaxed dress and carry your new hair do simply. Give a nice shock in your buddies by sporting a great hair lower.

In the event you are keen on feminine appears then a blunt hair lower with fringes to the forehead is going to be perfect in your case. The gals with curly hair could possibly get their hair lower just down below their ears to offer that glamorous “Marlin Monroe” look.

One more glamorous quick hair do will be the Meg Ryan hair fashion. It can be wild and sexy. It is possible to just comb your hair any ways. It can be up to you to provide them a neat glimpse by combing them again wards or providing them a wild glimpse.

You are able to adopt a pleasant small trendy hair lower with hair slice small above years around the sides. A celebration look is often attained by making a zigzag parting. You could increase glitter or highlights on your hair. Streaking brief hair is all of the rage.

An all “red head” search is considered being rocking because of the teens. All you might have to accomplish is usually to get your hair brief and color them red entirely. This will likely provide a rock star glimpse. It truly is solely your choice to select the adorable or sizzling limited stylish hair style to be in fashion. Hair Salon In NYC

How are full lace wigs better than Extensions

There are many benefits of wearing full lace wigs that make them so much popular with women from all age groups and with different skin types. The trend was obviously started by the celebrities who flaunted some dramatic hairstyles that even though didn’t match with their natural hair, looked great without creating any negative contrasts with their looks. This was the start of a new style of wigs where women started experimenting with their hairstyles by wearing various types of full lace wig.

Some of the best full lace wigs are made from 100% human hair with the base being a thin and unnoticeable fabric called lace. Initially, these wigs were expensive, but they offered versatility of style that helped entirely change women’s looks. However, today these wigs are available at affordable prices. Just anyone can use these wigs, even women suffering from hair loss.

A full lace wig can even be worn when you are sleeping. This means that you don’t have to worry that you would have to wake up to all messy hair. This advantage can be attributed to the construction of the cap, the quality of hair, and the unnoticeable nature of the wigs.

When compared to extensions, full lace wigs are much lighter, unnoticeable and they help you increase confidence levels. They are handmade using natural human hair. There are many other benefits of these wigs like they can be dyed, heated for straightening or curling. You can also go swimming or working out in the gym without the fear that they would come off or get disturbed form their place.

All the attention that is needed is that these full lace wigs be washed and conditioned regularly, something you would love to do with your regular hair as well. If you consider using an extension, it would consume lots of time for connected the hair. And, if you don’t find a good hair stylist, the chances are that everyone would come to know what you are wearing. Your hair would also need to have the additional strength to bear the weight of these extensions. Using a full lace wig you would be to eliminate all these complications. Fix them easily and get through your day without worrying about anything.

With so many benefits offered by full lace wigs, you would be mesmerized to find a large number of suppliers online. Make sure that you check this link to find the most reliable suppliers of full lace wig.